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           Smart Security Solutions


Affordable Security for the MODERN WORLD

*Group pricing available

light dimmer

Dim the lights to use less electricity, but still have light when you get home.


image sensor

Capture the intruder as they get caught red handed by the motion detector.


garage control

Ever get that feeling you left your garage door open? Use this feature to close it remotely.


Glass break detector 

Detects glass breaking within 15 feet. Rule of thumb is one per room.


key pad - numeric

This keypad is 100% wireless, so it can be placed anywhere. Makes for a great 2nd option. 


appliance control

Don't ever worry about leaving your coffeepot on again. You can control it remotely!


Key chain remote 

Arm and disarm with the click of a button.

You can also send the police if needed.


door lock - numeric

Never get locked out again. Just punch in your code, and access granted.


door lock - touchscreen

Let your family into your house remotely on your Smart Phone!


universal garage door remote

Open and close your garage with the simple click of a button on your keychain remote.




Used as a second keypad. Has a sleek look and 100% touchscreen.


Zone expander

Expands all the zones to encompass everything you ever wanted in an alarm.


panic button

Similar to a medical alert button to get the ambulance out to you!



Dispatches the fire department as soon as smoke is detected.


motion detector

The infrared beams will pick up anyone that breaks in or walks by.


Smoke detector

Carbon monoxide detector

Don't let the odorless gas take you by surprise. Be alarmed if the levels get too high.


lamp control

Turn your lamps on when you are away to deter intruders and make them think you are home.



Go GREEN! Adjust the temperature in your close with a few simple clicks of your phone.


door sensor

Detects if your door is open or closed. Great for additional protection on your safe.


Window sensor

Detects if an intruder lifts the window or if your child decides to be brave and tries to sneak out.


What does "interactive security"  really mean to me?