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           Smart Security Solutions
The diamond package is the package of all packages. It encompasses your complete home automation. Everything that the gold package can do, the diamond package can do better.  With the diamond package, you can activate  lights, thermostats, door locks, appliances, lamps, and everything in between. The diamond package is turn-key and ready to use at the click of a button on your smart phone or tablet. It keeps your home in your hands.
The bronze package will allow the alarm to communicate to the monitoring center wirelessly without any phone line interruptions. Never be caught with an intruder cutting your phone line again. The bronze package includes the panel, 3 door or window contacts, motion detector, and also the "Crash and Smash" protection.
The silver package encompasses all that the bronze package has to offer plus many additional features. Have you ever gotten to work and couldn't remember if you armed the alarm? With the silver package, you can check the status. If you did forget, you can arm or disarm the alarm remotely and receive text and/or e-mail alerts every time the alarm is armed or disarmed. Don't ever be caught in a storm again, because you will also receive severe weather alerts.
The gold package encompasses everything the silver package offers with greater precision. With the gold package, you can get access to each individual zone, so if you forget to get close a door or window, you will know, so you can stop that air conditioning from getting out on that hot summer day. With the gold package, you will also know exactly how to dress before you leave, because you will get the added feature of the ability of viewing the weather on the keypad.



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What does "Smart Security" really mean to me?